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Inspiring. Enlightening. Up-lifting. Just a few of the words I could use to describe Jo and her work. I hired Jo to do Corporate Yoga with my staff and couldn't have been more impressed with her ability to bring out the best in others through her teaching. Jo's energy and inspiring teaching is blended perfectly with her high-level corporate HR background making the experience for our staff an absolute joy. The positive impact on our staff was immediate and long lasting. I highly recommend her! Jo - it was such a great experience, thank you!  - Daniel Jones

"I have practiced Yoga for several years, and am kind of obsessed with it (even bringing a notebook to classes to write out notes). I often go out of my way to ask questions of most teachers so I can get the most from my practice. In addition to implementing very intuitive and grounded flows Jo taught me several exercises that were completely new to me that have helped me improve my strength, balance and pacing (breathing). I now live in Los Angeles (a mecca of Yoga) and when people ask about Phoenix/Scottsdale teachers out of the approximately 100 or so Arizona teachers I have studied with Jo is one of the few names I recommend. That says a lot because I am very selective and take my practice very seriously." - H. George H.


These are the words that come to mind to describe Josephine both as an individual and as a yoga instructor. In her professional life, Josephine has perfected the art of finding, growing, and coaching people at all levels and disciplines. It is this knowledge and experience that makes her stand out among her yogi peers. As an experienced instructor she excels at structuring and teaching dynamic Vinyasa classes."  - Henry

Jo is an amazing person with a combination of positive energy, expertise, and a strong desire to help others. I've worked with Jo professionally in having her provide corporate yoga classes for clients of mine and heard nothing but praise about her classes. I've taken Jo's classes and can vouch first-hand for her. With her experience and energy, Jo is an asset to anyone with whom she works. - Tom O'Brien

"Josephine does not just tell you what poses to do. She takes the time to align you and adjust you so your body is in the correct position. This kind of personal attention is hard to get in larger classes." -  Jack Adams Jr.

I had the opportunity to participate in Josephine's classes. I have great respect for her knowledge and ability to make me a better yogi. I was amazed with the adjustments she made to not only me, but to most of her students she instructed. Thank you for caring!!."  - Paul B.